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You're only a stranger once at Stones Hill. The atmosphere around here is that of a family; we're always eager to welcome guests with warmth and acceptance. We'd love to get to know you and your family! Stones Hill Community Church is a vibrant community of believers who are actively pursuing a deeper relationship with God. Our mission is to lead people to God's forgiveness and to see them restored to all that God created them to be. One of our mantras is "come as you are," which means that we don't expect people to be perfect. We'd rather people just be authentic. We recognize that life can be messy sometimes, and that Jesus' work in us is a lifelong journey. As such, we don't impose unrealistic expectations. Our Sunday worship services are contemporary and upbeat. We often borrow from popular media trends to present God in a refreshing way that speaks to today's culture, yet remains firmly rooted in Biblical truth. Expect modern musical styles and relevant messages that speak to where you are in life.