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What is it? Let us help you put the shattered pieces back together. Marriage isn't easy. God in fact intended it not to be easy. Sometimes it seems like it would be better if you both just parted ways and forgot the whole thing ever happened; and then we get to thinking that we'd be better off with someone else (perhaps that new co-worker). Unfortunately a lot of marriages are being decimated by this lie, and families are left reeling over the fallout. We firmly believe that God desires husbands and wives to stick together through the storms of life. If you're experiencing turbulent weather in your marriage, we'd like to help you and your spouse navigate through this difficult time. When & Where? Counseling sessions are typically held Wednesday afternoons in the senior pastor's office, but we can be flexible according to what works best with you and your spouse's schedule How do I get involved? Please contact the church office to set an appointment. Our phone number is (260)-894-7528.