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Ways You Can Help All gifts and talents can be used in children's ministry. We believe that creative teaching strongly impacts children, (and we'd love for you to teach) but not everyone who volunteers has to teach a class. What do you like to do? Chances are good that you can do that in the children's ministry. Children are enthusiastic and fun-loving. They create an atmosphere of freedom and joy that draws the hearts of kids and adults alike into the presence of the Lord. There is a place for you on our team. Won't you join us?
  • Pray for leaders and kids
  • Enter computer data
  • Donate snacks
  • Donate games & CD's
  • Clean & organize closets
  • Paint & decorate
  • Take pictures & video of kids
  • Send encouragement cards
  • Type parent newsletter
  • Help at special events
  • Play instrument for worship team
  • Run sound board
  • Greet kids as they arrive
  • Pray with kids at the altar