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What is it? Teens may at times seem like an entirely different species bent on destruction, but they're our most precious resource. They are our future teachers, pastors, professional colleagues, and leaders. There are few things with greater return than time invested with a youth. You don't have to be great with kids or the world's best parents to serve in youth ministry. All that is really needed is a willingness to spend a little time with them. We're always on the lookout for adults who are willing to love on youth. If this is you, then we want to give you the opportunity to try it out. When & Where? In youth ministry there is enough need for volunteers that there is something available for all schedules. Volunteers are needed for Wednesday evening activities, for Sunday morning activities, for weekend events, and just about everything in between. Activities are typically held at Stones Hill, but there are many community-wide activities and events which require volunteer support. How do I get involved? Contact Pastors Dave or Tom to find out how you can be involved.